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Sunset over SRQ

During the last week of March, I was driving by the Sarasota Bradenton Airport when I noticed these beautifully colored clouds at sunset seemingly providing a canopy for the airport. Fortunately I had my camera with me and as the skies darkened and the clouds and sky began to glow in beautiful red-orange tones, I began snapping away. I kept hoping a commercial airliner would either land or take off but the only aircraft were a couple of private planes. The second image is interesting with the remnants of two contrails also reflecting the sunset.


SRQ’s New Unique Flight Service

The Sarasota-Bradenton Airport and Eastern Air Transport are adding a new Flight to Atlanta on April 1st that will be a combination of First Class Service and a Sightseeing adventure. The three engine airliner will cruise along at 105 mph at an altitude of 12,000 feet. At this speed and at the low altitude the 10 passengers will have an excellent view of the scenery below. The aircraft, the Ford Trimotor, is produced by the Ford Motor Company to provide comfort and convenience for today’s demanding air traveler. With any luck and good weather the trip will take approximately five to six hours. Flying has now become any every day adventure. NOTE: This was published on April 1 — April Fool!!!!!

Eastern Air Transport would become Eastern Airlines — Photographed at Sarasota-Bradenton Airport

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Cortez Fishing Village

This is an image of the iconic fisherman’s shack that became the symbol of Cortez Village. The State’s tourism materials referred to Cortez as a “Real” Florida fishing village. The village was settled in the 1880’s and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its a great place for photography, you have interesting and photographic subjects all around you – the scenry, the wildlife especially birds and the fishing vessels. This image was taken in the late afternoon as storm clouds were rolling in just as the sun was setting.

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Paddle Boarding in the Fog

The early morning fog can create a magical moment giving the impression that you are in a cloud. I looked out over the water and saw too figures gradually beginning to appear out of the fog. It was very eerie and very quiet but occasionally you would hear a voice and not know for sure where it was coming from. I think you can feel the mystical quality of the scene in this photograph.


I Have My “Eyes” On You!

Peacocks are beautiful creatures! If you go to the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, you will encounter some prime specimens welcoming you and meandering on the grounds. In this image I managed to capture the plumage in full array which makes it appear as if it has multiple “eyes on you!” Peacocks or Peafowl are not native to Florida. They are typically found in India, Southeast Asia and Central Africa. They are both loved for their beauty and feared for their size and aggressive nature. The display of their full plumage can be somewhat threatening to both animals and people.

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Gazebo Sunset

It’s late afternoon in February and its one of those evening sunsets when it looks like a fire raging on the horizon. I often photograph this spot in the late afternoon this time of year because the sun sets almost directly across from the gazebo which provides an interesting foreground. A fitting end to a day in Paradise!

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Snowy Memory

Before we moved to Florida 12 years ago, we lived in Maine where the winters were very cold and there was always a lot of snow. As I watched the scenes being shown on TV of the Northeast, Midwest and Texas covered in frigid icy snow, I recalled those mornings in Maine when you would wake up to a monochromatic view outside your window. Everything was very quiet covered in its blanket of pure white snow. This image was captured from our deck looking into the woods that were our backyard.

Scarborough, Maine 2007


Moscovy Duckling

We had stopped for a coffee at a Panera Bread in Plant City and happened to see this immature duckling walking through the parking lot. The coloring immediately drew our attention but we didn’t know what it was until we got home and consulted our Audubon Field Book. It still took a little effort because the coloring of this duckling did not show up in any pictures. Then we discovered that the Moscovy has almost unlimited color combinations because of inbreeding. It is so unusual and beautiful that we had to share it.

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Cupid and Youth

I was walking through a park in Beaune, France with my camera looking for interesting subjects when I spotted this young couple playing a game on a wall adjacent to a sculpture of Cupid. Cupid appears to be interested in the two but trying not to be obvious. The way Cupid’s head is turned and his expression it makes it appear as if he is delighted that the couple are enjoying each others company and that amour my be in their future. After all France is full of romance and its romantic statuary begs a tale.