52 Week Photographic Challenge


Week 40 – Places of Worship (Ron)

When I first considered this theme and how to portray it, I immediately thought of the grand churches and cathedrals here and in Europe.  But when visiting Heritage Village, I saw this small country church or a church that went back in time to when life was simpler and when religion was more personal and focused on the community in which it was located.  It was then when I realized that religion does not require a grand edifice and a Place of Worship can be very simple and very small.   Its easy to image sitting in this small church where you knew everyone’s name and everything about them.  It was personal and it was community!

Place of Worship


Week 38 – The Garage (Ron)

How about a classic example of The Garage with a Ford Model T surrounded by the tools and parts needed to service one.  At one time this garage would have been a Ford dealership’s service department in Pinellas County but now preserved in Heritage Village, Largo, Florida.  Compare this to your modern service departments at your favorite car dealership.  In some ways its very different but in other ways it has all of the characteristics of a garage designed to service a vehicle. The maintenance of the Model T required a general knowledge of the mechanics and a few basic parts or components.  Today’s garage requires computers, technical knowledge in addition to the mechanical understanding of the engine and digital components that are simply replacement rather than rebuilt.


The Garage II

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Week 36 – Quaint and Quirky (Ron)

In this image the Sandhill Crane has become enamored with it’s reflection in the shiny end panel on a landscape’s trailer.  It would occasionally peck at the reflection and then walk away only to return.  I had no choice but to take the picture because between the trailer and the Sandhill Cranes there was no way to continue driving down the street.  Sandhill Cranes are very Quaint and obviously in this example very Quirky.

Quaint & Quirky


Week 35 – Photographer’s Choice (Ron)

Marcia and I just happened to be in the University Town Center Mall late afternoon when the sun was low in the Western sky and the sun’s rays were streaming through the Mall’s transparent dome.  I thought the patterns and textures created by this unique lighting produced a dramatic and attractive effect for an almost empty mall.  The image was captured with an iPhone 6S as that was the only camera I had with me at the time.

Photographer's Choice


Week 34 – Macro/Closeup (Ron)

Spring means tulips.  We all admire the simplicity and beauty of tulips when see them either in our home landscaping, in the fields of the Netherlands or in a vase on our kitchen table.  But how many times do we stop to look inside the tulip bloom to see its inner beauty.  To illustrate a Macro/Closeup image, I decided to photograph the innards of a tulip on our kitchen table.  I was amazed by the pattern I captured, who would know its a tulip!

Macro of Tulip