52 Week Photo Blog


Week 24 – Still Life

Still life is often thought of as an image of flowers, fruit or something that is stationary and incapable of movement on its own.  I decided to look at Still Life from another angle as one where there is no movement and no people but is capable of bursting to life at any moment.  This is a tranquil summer scene of a backyard in Bristol, Rhode Island overlooking Narragansett Bay.  I was walking this neighborhood street and was stopped by the beauty, quietness and serenity of this scene–all life is still for the moment.  It was taken with my iPhone.

Still Life3



Week 23 – Simplicity

This is about as simple as it gets, the Palouse area in South Eastern Washington state.  The major crop is wheat, the terrain is rolling hills and roads can go for great distances with the only view in September being the harvested wheat fields.  The Simplicity of life among this expansive scenery seems very tranquil , very predictable and very constant but I am sure for the farmers harvesting these fields, hardwork, unpredictable and changing weather patterns and market conditions can put a great strain on their lives.  But would it or would it not be interesting to live a life of Simplicity in an area like this?



Week 22 – Close Up/Macro

As we leave behind the hustle, bustle and glitz of the holidays and go into the New Year it may be helpful to look at one of the small creatures that also make up this world.  They can be exciting, colorful and fantastic in their own right in their simple existence.  To illustrate a tiny thing of beauty, I photographed this colorful spider with a Close Up/Macro lens.   Its easy to forget and overlook the beautiful creatures that are part of the natural fabric here in Florida but in this case the spider had spun a really large web in the corner of the lanai cage.  It was fun photographing this spider but I have not been able to identify it from my references sources and if any one can, please let me know.

closeup macro


Week 20 – Hot and Steamy

This image was taken at the West Thumb Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park.  If you squint your eyes you can almost believe you are in airplane looking down into this huge large lake with a deep hole in its crystal clear Hot and Steamy water.  Actually you are standing on a wooden walkway about 15 feet high in an area on the Eastern side of Yellowstone adjacent to Yellowstone Lake.  The geothermal pools are absolutely beautiful in the late afternoon sun and their bluish green waters look inviting but the warmth of the steam convinces you otherwise.

Hot and Steamy


Week 19 – One shot w/3 Shapes

If we start with the premise that every individual is unique and therefore each person has their own unique shape, then I present you One Shot w/3 Shapes.  In this example the shapes are three construction workers working on a building in downtown Bradenton.  We were delivering our Meals on Wheels one morning when I noticed these three workers in their bright yellow shirts.  I captured the image from a vacant lot across the street (being very obvious) and I expected a critical and skeptical reaction as to why I was photographing them.  Instead, they all looked at me smiled and waved after I took their picture.

One shot with 3 shapes 2


Week 18 – On the Edge

I hereby evoke poetic license with this image.  Late afternoon beachgoers are standing On the Edge of the beach to watch the sunset.  This image was taken at Holmes Beach on a beautiful clear evening in November.  I was looking for an interesting sunset shot when I noticed the silhouettes standing On The Edge of the sand before it slopes down to the water.  The picture became more about the people than the actual sunset.

On the Edge 2