LWRDCP 52-Week Photography Challenge


12. Wild Card – End of the Day

I didn’t start out to capture this image, I was looking to capture the sunset but then I noticed my daughter and her ten year old talking on the side of my frame.  We had a family picnic to watch the sunset on Martha’s Vineyard and our daughter who likes to search the beach for sea glass was sharing what she had found with her daughter.  I thought the silhouette of the two conveyed an intimate moment that symbolized the quietness and stillness that seems to occur at sunset.




14. Humor (Creative)

I found humor in this scene for several reasons.   For starters this image was captured on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden and everyone is enjoying Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.   The dog has the classical pose often seen in 17th and 18th century portraiture and its hard tell if his masters are really enjoying their ice cream or simply posing.  The other couple provides a counterbalance with their youth and their more intimate enjoyment of their ice cream.   Notice also the size of their cups compared to the large cones of the older couple.   Granted the humor is subtle but I found the scene both humorous and interesting by the visual contrasts.Humor 14


24 Wild Card – Feel Overwhelmed?

When I looked at this scene, I asked what must it feel like living at the base of a large mountain that comes down to within feet of  your house.  Do they ever Feel Overwhelmed with this massive pile of rocks overhead ready to push them into a Norwegian Fjord.  On the other hand it’s a quaint way of life that is very isolated with little intrusion from the outside world.  From its appearance and the various out buildings it would seem to be a year round residence but it could also be a summer camp for those Norwegians wishing to escape the 70 degree heat of the city.  The winter in this location must be fairly brutal!

Version 2


35. Color Harmony

I like vivid colors that tend to energize and harmonize with surrounding colors.  When I saw this scene, I was immediately attracted to it and had to capture it.  The blues of the boats, the water and the sky were just striking and the red helped provide a perfect foil to make the blue look even more vivid.  I think the colors resonate with each other to yield a photo of Color Harmony.  I did use a filter to slightly enhance the colors and to give it a somewhat softer appearance.

Color Harmony


26. Loneliness

On this street in Stockholm a young man is either talking to someone at an upper window or trying to get their attention.  (You may have to squint to see the young man in the middle of the street in the lower third of the image).  The empty street, the lone individual and the walls of the houses closing in on the space seemed to me a perfect example of Loneliness.  The space looks large and the individual looks small, almost too small to even be noticed–a lonely person seeking some companionship!



3. Fill The Frame

One of  easiest ways to fill the frame is to photograph a ceiling.  In this image, this is the celling of the city council chambers in the Stockholm City Hall.  Recently we were visiting Sweden and toured city hall were the dinner to honor the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature is held.  While touring the building we were able to enter the city council chambers to learn how Stockholm is governed.  While listening to the presentation, I looked up and was amazed by the ceiling over head.  I managed to capture the image just before we were whisked out of the room.

Fill the Frame-5816


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18. Door (Creative)

This door is found on the Danish island of Aero in the town of Aeroskobing about an hour’s ferry ride from the mainland.  Its like stepping back in time and the housing dates from the 18th century.  This Door is representative of the architecture and the picturesque decorative designs that are still maintained today.  This fishing community has changed very little over the last 200 years.  This is one of those places that when you discover it, you cherish it.  The one modern touch you notice in the image is the door bell button!

Door (Creative)