52 Week Photo Blog


Week 45 – Shot with a Polarizer Filter

This image was Shot with a Polarizer Filter one afternoon from my backyard.  I thought the scene and the late afternoon sun would be a good way to demonstrate a capture with a Polarizer.   What I was trying to capture was the detailed reflections in the water and the detail in the clouds.  This is essentially the raw image straight from the camera with only a minor tweak in post processing, a little cropping and the addition of a border.

Polarizer Filter



Week 44 – My Favorite Place

With this topic, I decided to take a different tack in addressing this subject.  I watched this Great Blue Heron for over an hour steadily flying back and forth to build a nest in the top of this palm tree.  It dawned on me that as this bird prepares its nest its instincts are saying this is My Favorite Place–at least for the next few weeks.  I know one of our favorite places is where we lived when the kids were growing up and for this bird I doubt if its any different.

My Favorite Place


Week 42 – Our First Visit to Point No Point

Last September when we were visiting various Washington State attractions, we had an opportunity to make Our First Visit to Point No Point County Park and its historic Lighthouse.  The structure is thought to be the oldest lighthouse over looking Puget Sound.  The park is located on the North tip of the Kitsap Peninsula facing Puget Sound.  In 1855 when Washington was a territory,  this land and surrounding averages were transferred from various Indian Tribes to the United States of America  Today it is a great place for bird watching, walking the beach or just watching various container ships pass on their way to Seattle.

My First Visit to Point-No-Point


Week 41 – Wide Angle

The Yellowstone River meanders along the Eastern side of Yellowstone National Park eventually flowing through the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  The September drive from West Thumb through Lake Village and Canyon Village goes from interesting to spectacular.  I captured this Wide Angle view of this meadow and Rainbow with a Sigma 19mm E-Mount lens.  The skies had been overcast but then there was a partial clearing, some blue skies and a rainbow.  The scene was so pastoral and mellow that it seemed to be begging to be painted.  I processed the image with Lightroom and Luminar 18.

Wide Angle2


Week 40 – Dangerous

Things are changing in downtown Bradenton.  There is a lot of new construction and some deconstruction.  If you are thinking about going to the Chamber of Commerce offices, you might want to check for their new address because going to their previous location maybe Dangerous as evident in this image of the current state of its former offices.  The area where the Chamber Offices and the municipal park lot were located is being cleared for a new parking garage which will also house retail shoppes and new Chamber of Commerce Offices on the street level.



Week 39 – Way Down Low

There is always something special about capturing a sunset even though its probably the most over used image.  A sunset when the Sun is Way Down Low just hovering over the horizon can provide beautiful color saturation.  On this day there was a cloud cover not quite reaching the horizon and the Sun just “dropped” out of the clouds and started to slide behind the trees.  This image was captured overlooking the lake in Heritage Harbour using the new Sony E-mount 18-135 lens and then enhanced with Luminar 18.