LWRDCP 52-Week Photography Challenge


Quiet Moment (Creative)

When there is a torrential downpour as we often get in Florida, it seems that everything else goes quiet.   You hear the rain on the roof, beating against the windows or if you are on a lanai as it crashes on the deck.  During those times, I experience a Quiet Moment, like nothing else matters or exists.  The sound of the rain over powers your thoughts, actions and words.  You Pause, listen and enjoy.  Now that might not happen with everyone but for me its something I really enjoy.  This image was captured from my Lanai during one of those rains associated with Hurricane Michael filtered through the Lanai screen and adjusted with Lightroom and Topaz Adjust.

Quiet Moment Creative



Week 52 – A Stranger

This is my final image for the year and I thought the image more than the theme was a good way to end the year.  As I was walking across a field in Wyoming, this prairie dog popped up out of its hole to check me out.  He was a stranger to me and I was a stranger to him.  We both held each others countenances for several minutes and then he retired back to his hole after deciding he wanted nothing to do with this stranger.  And so we end the year on that note as I retreat into my hiatus until October and look forward to encountering new strangers and new themes.

A stranger

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Week 51 – Shot with 50mm

This is a simple image of what I consider to be a prime specimen of a Bismarck Palm Tree.  I am somewhat proud of it because it sits in our front yard.  Initially it was about 10 feet tall but it has grown significantly over the past 8 years.   In this blog it serves as a representative image taken with a 50mm lens, f4, 1/50 late in the afternoon just before sunset.

Shot w 50mm.jpg

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Week 50 – Emotional

Being Emotional doesn’t always show, sometimes some of the quietest and most peaceful moments can be quite Emotional.  In this image I captured my granddaughter sitting on the jetty in Venice.  We had walked out to the end of the jetty and on the way back my granddaughter walked on the rocks and boulders lining the jetty.  Then we stopped as we approached land to reflect on the view.  She decided to sit down and “reflect”.  She seemed lost in her thoughts, maybe she was missing her family or maybe she was just thinking life is good!  But I think it was an Emotional moment!



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Week 49 – Texture

In this image I have tried to highlight Texture in many of its various forms.  There is texture in the Palm Trees, the peacock is covered with multiple textures and the canon rests on a foundation covered in oyster shells which give it a unique and course texture.  My initial subject was the peacock but then I realized it became a multi-faceted image full of many textures and colors with which the initial subject was competing.  The image was captured in St. Augustine at the Fountain of Youth attraction.

A5. Texture


Week 48 – An Action Shot

In a way you might say the subject of this image is the antithesis of An Action Shot.  Its hard to think of a hippopotamus as an action figure, they just seem to meander along without many cares because of their tremendous size.  In this image the hippo decided to be a little playful with the water by splashing it around his head and mouth.  This image was captured with a little luck and a fast shutter speed.

An Action Shot

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Week 47 – A3 Peaceful

For me one of the most calming and Peaceful scenes is the sound of water rushing over a dam in a park or other natural area.  You can find these situations in New England where grist mills once existed.   The dams abandoned and forgotten still power the millraces that supplied a racing stream of water to turn a water wheel which then powered the grindstone to crush the grain for flour.  This image is one of the those dams and the remnants of the millrace.   The mill, the workers and surrounding village is now only a footnote to the history of Rhode Island.  Now its just a Peaceful scene somewhat hidden by the foliage.

A3 Peacefull4